State of Technology #46


#architecture***** Find out how your Mobile site performs vs. (a default group) or (your competitors’) mobile site across differentMobile browsers

#codeA great, useful JavaScript Pattern and Anti-pattern collection

Nice Abstraction – 10 Ways New York Times Tells Stories through Reader Content –

  1. Reaction Grid
  2. Photo Galleries
  3. One-word submission etc.

#essayWhat every CEO needs to know About the Cloud (HBR; pdf)

#mobileTen Things to Think about before building iPad Apps

#saasSplunk is a great tool that will take seemingly irrelevant lines of text from your log files and will offer amazing insights. Its recent 4.3 version had a lot of ‘oh, it did not have that before?’ features.

A great overview of the new Splunk 4.3 release is here – it now accepts JSON format to make meaning out of it too.

#socialHTML5 Games vs. Flash Games – what’s the big deal (Infographic)


#toolZebra stripes are just elegant insect repellent

#tweaks n’ hacksHere is a way to make your site secure – don’t try to prevent malevolent attackers, if you find out one is about to attack just start wasting their time



#parting_thought“The word sustainable is unsustainable” – XKCD 


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