State of Data #87

#analysisWhy retailers like J.C Penney and Gamestop are shutting down their Facebook stores

#architectureMapReduce Patterns, Algorithms and Use Cases

#big_dataHow companies are using big data, the latest round trip –

  1. Target (yeah, that pregnancy meme)
  2. Pulse – to drive rich user features
  3. Facebook – ‘weblining – when you may be refused health insurance based on your Google search about a medical condition’
  4. Heroku – send SQL query results sent as URL

The term ‘Data Science’ existed 10 years ago – Data Science paper (pdf) from William Cleveland (2001) indicates six areas to master, most important being ‘Multidisciplinary Investigations’.

#DBMSLatest MySQL version claims significant performance improvement especially with NoSQL patterns (1B queries/minute)

#idea ‘GOOD with numbers? Fascinated by data? The sound you hear is opportunity knocking.’

#learning – ****Machine Learning for Hackers’ is now available in Safari and in Amazon. Great book!

THREE Data Visualization Books – from decades ago –

  1. Graphic Methods for Presenting Facts

  2. Graphic Presentation

  3. Handbook of Graphic Presentation



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  1. “… – Data Science paper (pdf) from William Cleveland (1981) indicates ” I’ve been tracking this doc and appers to be published on 2001:

    Is there something I’m missing?

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