State of Technology #48

 #at_other_places –

#architecture – Detailed Memory Usage comparison of Java Application servers

#code – Great guide to Real-time web Technologies

#design – Solar Company’s Annual Report Powered by Sun (the star)

#essay – Definitive Guide to Landing Page Optimization


#mobile – Which businesses use SMS the most? Where it’s growing like crazy?

#SaaS – All about ‘Net Promoter System’ you need to know


#social – 40% of your customer service emails could be answered by your FAQ’

#tool – Optimize your caffeine intake – there’s an app for that


#tweaks n’ hacks – How to ‘speechjam’ – ‘can be used to disturb people’s speech. In general, human speech is jammed by giving back to the speakers their own utterances at a delay of a few hundred milliseconds. ‘




#parting_thought – (On Complex Systems) We can study cars and their physical relationships, and know exactly how they work. It in no way prepares us to understand traffic when they all get together and start interacting” – Michael Gazzaniga


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I love to learn, create and coach. Things that I do well are - Communicating ideas - verbally or through words and diagrams; Problem Solving - Logical or Abstract; Very Large Scale Systems; think about 'Frighteningly Simple' approach first. Things that I intend to do better are - Establishing Stringent Process; Exchanging Tough Feedback; Keeping up with my reading or To-Do list to be able to completely relax.

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