State of Data #90

#analysis – How much does it cost to manufacture iPhone?
Square’s Growth Curve (and a detailed article from Fast Company)


#architecture – Angelina – AI that could create interesting games by itself –  “Designed by Michael Cook, a PhD student at Imperial College London, Angelina designs different aspects of games — level layout, enemy behavior, bonuses, and the like — and assembles them randomly. The system then simulates playing the level, determining what the most effective variants are, and repeats the process around 400 times, pushing the most successful elements forward in a sort of game-design Darwinism.”                                                                   


#big_data – School for Quants


#Data_Science – Scalable Machine Learning, full UCB 2012 course, with videos, online

#DBMS – ‘Taking a step back from ORMs’ –  ‘But are there simpler ways to avoid boilerplate? It seems like we should be able to do so without something as invasive as an ORM. For the sake of brevity, I’ll be using hashes rather than objects, but the principle is the same. ‘

#idea – Is ‘Big Data’ the only tech business model left?

Patient of the Future – how Quantified Self is moving the decision-making to the patient

#learning – *** Most detailed articulation on NoSQL Data Modeling Techniques

 – Stephen Wolfram analyzes his entire life



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