State of Data #91

#1Read_this_Week A new article in ACM dissects the taxonomy of Visualization techniques 


#analysis – Every Groupon deal means half-a-star less in Yelp (pdf) for restaurants
“Our analysis shows that while the number of reviews increases signicantly due to daily deals,
average rating scores from reviewers who mention daily deals are 10% lower than scores of their peers on average.”

– How NetFlix’ PaaS (Platform as a Service) scales million writes per second (part 3 of ‘Cloud Architecture Tutorial’ from Adrian Cockcroft)


#big_data – The Large-scale Parallelized R Forecasting that Google uses –
Our technique cut total run time by a factor of 300. Distributing the computation across many machines permits analysts to focus on statistical issues
while answering questions that would be intractable without significant parallel computational infrastructure.’


#contest – Nielsen Data Visualization, 2012 Contest

Optimizing Neural networks on CPU  (pdf; NIPS, 2011)
..machine learning applications such as speech recognition, computational complexity is fast becoming a limiting factor in their adoption.
We show how to best leverage modern CPU architectures to significantly speed-up their inference.’


#DBMS – Different ways of pagination in SQL, including performance comparison

#idea – Cassandra and Solid-state Drives – apparently, Walmart Labs runs it that way for 2 years

#learning – Graphs in a Database – just in case the Hadoop cluster is offline

#visualization – A repeat (after 2009), but extremely useful – ‘Periodic Table of Visualization’ (mouse-over the cells for illustrations)



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