State of Data #92

#1Read_this_WeekLocals and Tourists – how do they photograph same city differently


#analysisHow does privacy breach map with increased data volume?

‘Big Data Imperative – Driving Big Action’ – 6 principles, including –

‘For every $100 you have available to invest in making smart decisions, invest $10 in tools and vendor services, and invest $90 in big brains (aka people, aka analysis ninjas, aka you!).’

#big_data – ‘Bizarre insights from Big Data’

‘A few years ago I was speaking with the founder of an African mobile phone company, called CellTel. He told me that his company realized that they could predict the location of impending massacres in theCongo, because there were spikes in the sale of prepaid phone cards.’

#Data_Science‘Effective exploration of structured datasets – rank-aware interval based clustering’

‘For example, a dating website user who is looking for a partner between 20 and 40 years old, and who sorts the matches by income from higher to lower, will see a large number of matches in their late 30s who hold an MBA degree and work in the financial industry, before seeing any matches in different age groups and walks of life’

#DBMSData Vendors and Market Analysis


#idea Death of a Data Haven (or, of world’s ‘smallest nation’)


#learningHow to proof yourself from sensationalized stats

‘Chris Grayling cited a 35 percent increase in “violent” crime starting in 2002 as evidence of failed liberal law enforcement policies. But 2002 was the year civilians and not police were given the right to designate a crime “violent,” and many chose to see violence where the police might not have. The “35 percent increase” was the difference between apples and oranges.’

#visualizationWind Map of US will Blow You Away’




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