State of Data #95

#1Read_this_WeekHow a San Diego Physicist used data and analysis to reduce energy consumption by 5x


#analysisE-reading/E-books data


Download the entire text of Wikipedia and use it offline in ZIM packages


#big_dataAnalysis of 60B pieces of music listening data across 200 cities from 2003 till date reveals very interesting network effects in Music – namely, city size benefits innovation or earning theory does not hold for music.


“Montreal seems to lead North American in indie music listening habits and the leader for hip hop isAtlanta. In Europe, Paris leads for indie music whereas Oslo leads for music as a whole. “


#Data_ScienceCEOs’ vacation related with corporate news (pdf) disclosures – vacation was evaluated by merging {corporate jet flight histories} with {real estate records}


“I find that companies tend to disclose favorable news just before CEOs leave for vacation and then hold over subsequent news announcements until they return to headquarters.  During periods when CEOs are away from the office, stock prices behave quietly with sharply lower volatility than usual.  Volatility increases immediately when CEOs return to work.”

MySQL in 2012 – a detailed progress report – comparing the deployments at Pinterest and Craigslist

#idea When Data Goes Bad’ – all about ‘corrupted’ or ‘falsified’ data spotting with engaging examples

Big Data in Finance (via O’Reilly radar)

#visualizationMiso Project – funded by Bill and Melinda Gates foundation, done by Guardian Data Scientists – is exposition of open-source toolkit to visualize data



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