State of Data #96

#1Read_this_Week Numerator-only Data – mobile event and gesture tracking with few lines of code

#architectureWhy ‘average user rating’ is a flawed concept                                                                      

#big_dataIBM’s recent acquisitions and their Big Data Strategy on a page

#Data_ScienceEvaluating the Design of R Language (original paper)

#DBMSSingle SQL to create calendar in multiple languages

#idea Tim Berners Lee asks to demand your data from Facebook

Telling stories with Data (pdf); 6 min video (3rd from top)


#visualizationThe first ever pie chart (1801)



About Nilendu Misra
I love to learn, create and coach. Things that I do well are - Communicating ideas - verbally or through words and diagrams; Problem Solving - Logical or Abstract; Very Large Scale Systems; think about 'Frighteningly Simple' approach first. Things that I intend to do better are - Establishing Stringent Process; Exchanging Tough Feedback; Keeping up with my reading or To-Do list to be able to completely relax.

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