State of Data #97

#1Read_this_Week Designing Great Data Products

#analysisAs tablet screen size decreases, so does usage


Brilliant write-up on MongoDB Architecture



#big_dataAn interesting view on Big Data (Hat tip: Emily Jaquette)

“The legacy that he (and other old-school direct marketers) gave us is the still-powerful rubric of RFM: recency, frequency, monetary value.

The “F” and the “M” are obvious. You didn’t need any science for that. The “R” part is the most interesting, because it wasn’t obvious that recency, or the time of the last transaction, should even belong in the triumvirate of key measures, much less be first on the list. But it was discovered that customers who did stuff recently, even if they didn’t do a lot, were more valuable than customers who hadn’t been around for a while. That was a big surprise.”

#Data_ScienceA good walkthrough on real-time Twitter analysis

#DBMSTotal cost of (non) ownership of a NoSQL DB Cloud Service (Whitepaper from Amazon)

#idea Price of Height and Light – it costs 1.9% to move up each floor in NYC

#learningDon’t write-off CSV. It gets 3 stars in the 5-star Tim Berners-Lee system for open data classification

Warby Parker Annual Report, 2011 – Just Data Visuals






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