State of Data #103



#analysisData informed vs. Data driven – including how Facebook uses data to optimize multiple photo uploads


–  How Facebook keeps 100PB Hadoop Data Online

#Data_ScienceHow to drink the right Single Malt


Seven databases in a song – ‘PostgreSQL, Riak, HBase, MongoDB, CouchDB, Neo4J and Redis in the style of My Fair Lady’


#idea – Information is like food, like food it should come with “Percentage of fat Fact in it


#learning –   10 things that influenced infographics legend Nigel Holmes the most


#visualizationVisualization techniques for Time-oriented Data – A goldmine!




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I love to learn, create and coach. Things that I do well are - Communicating ideas - verbally or through words and diagrams; Problem Solving - Logical or Abstract; Very Large Scale Systems; think about 'Frighteningly Simple' approach first. Things that I intend to do better are - Establishing Stringent Process; Exchanging Tough Feedback; Keeping up with my reading or To-Do list to be able to completely relax.

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