State of Technology #64

At Other Places


Is JavaScript ‘enterprise enough’? The big debate and the Pew Pew Manifesto that started it all.


Average web page is 1MB and requires 80 sub-resource requests to be made – How Chrome optimizes it by DNS Pre-fetching and TCP Pre-connect

“The “browser startup experience” has its own separate cache where Chrome learns the first ten visited URLs across all of your sessions. Whenever you do a fresh boot of your browser, it immediately resolves all of those hostnames – a nice optimization to speed up your morning routine!”


Frog redesigns Android User Experience



The Slow Web


Long SMS, 160 Characters Limit and how to break it


Web API Design – Crafting Interfaces that Developers Love’ – Free eBook


Taxiback ‘offers a service that connects passengers with cabs that would otherwise return empty’


Why do Nigerian scammers say they are from Nigeria? Per Microsoft researcher they are not looking for ‘anyone but most gullible’.


Free Online Graph Paper Generator (ed. favorite: Storyboard paper)


Make your own standing desk with only $22


Parting Thought

“Most business meetings involve one party elaborately suppressing a wish to shout at the other: ‘just give us the money’.”  – Alain de Botton


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