State of Data #105

Top Read – What Facebook Knows

Great insight into Facebook’s Data Science team a kind of Bell Labs for the social-networking age. The group has 12 researchers—but is expected to double in size this year. They apply math, programming skills, and social science to mine our data for insights’


Using Google BigQuery and QlikView to build snappier dashboards

Big Data

Viewing 100 trillion relationships within Wikipedia through Big Data lens

Data Science

“What are some must-know tricks in field of data science that most people are oblivious to?” gets “Data Munging” as the most voted answer


SSD prices are half of what it was a year ago! Amazon, Dropbox, <name your favorite> are using it as primary storage


Integrate data into Product, or Get Left Behind

“Coors has informationalized the beer can. The mountains turn blue when the beer is cold enough to drink.


How to unmask phony online reviews with statistics  (Original paper)


“Real reviews naturally produce a pattern that looks like the letter J. i.e., it should have a relatively high amount of one-star reviews, fewer twos, threes, and fours, and then a high number of five-star ratings. But phony reviews distort this normal shape”


International Data Journalism Excellence Awards notable winners –




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