State of Data #106

Top Read – America Revealed (through Pizza Delivery)

‘The fantastic PBS miniseries America Revealed, which explores the hidden patterns and rhythms that make America work,” makes stunning use of data-viz techniques to stimulate the eye-candy part of your brain while teaching you something.’


“I analyzed the chords of 1300 popular songs for patterns. This is what I found”

Big Data

‘The Measured Man’

“Have you ever figured how information-rich your stool is?,” Larry asks me with a wide smile, his gray-green eyes intent behind rimless glasses. “There are about 100 billion bacteria per gram. Each bacterium has DNA whose length is typically one to 10 megabases—call it 1 million bytes of information. This means human stool has a data capacity of 100,000 terabytes of information stored per gram. That’s many orders of magnitude more information density than, say, in a chip in your smartphone or your personal computer. So your stool is far more interesting than a computer.” 

Data Science

Inside Netflix Recommendations – Part 2: How they now use social data (what your friends are watching) to recommend stuff



A really, really brilliant post on UTF8 and Character sets. This explains ALL!




Behavio – from MIT media lab – aims to turn Smart Phone data into genius


Chart Chooser – do you want to use a chart for Comparison or showing Trend? To draw relationship in Powerpoint?



Blame Twitter is a mock visualization, but teaches how ‘tortured data can confess to anything




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