State of Technology #66

At Other Places

·                     ‘My boss decided to add ‘Person to Blame’ field to every bug report. What to do?’

·                     Leap – ‘Own the Future. $70’. Minority Report Deployed  

·                     HowApple keeps secret so well– from the wife of an Apple Engineer

·                     Ford creates a clever app that will let youlogin to apps without keying in anything

·                     A day in the life of CTO


Single Page App Book – ‘the focus is on discussing patterns, implementation choices and decent practices’



A Gentle Introduction to Algorithm Code Complexity Analysis uses Big-O notation and provides some usable Rules of Thumb to help high school students to code better. It’s a good quick read for all, however. 



Is Plastic Clamshell Packaging the worst piece of design every done?

‘It’s been the cause of thousands of emergency room visits, and there’s even a Wikipedia-approved term to describe the frustration you feel when confronted with an unrelenting piece of plastic between you and your product.’


How Complex Systems Fail was written by a doctor who investigated Operating Room errors, avoidable patient deaths etc for living. This short-piece was written more than a decade ago but is still as insightful.



The Mobile Playbookfrom Google




Dynatrace announces very exciting SpeedoftheWeba free benchmarking and optimization service



Apple’s minimum viable product
was a motherboard!



If a
smart algorithm creates a speech, is it considered ‘Protected Speech’ covered by First Amendment?



Side view mirror that eliminates Blind Spot


Rinser Toothbrush is good for people with chronic back pain




·                     Song for Tau Day

·                     25 Really Clever ideasto make life easier


Parting Thought

Final Idea from Peter Thiel’s Stanford Startup Class


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