State of Data #108

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EU Cookie/Privacy Laws: Implication on Data Collection & Analysis



6 Numbers from Facebook Insights that Matter


5. Lifetime Negative Feedback

Facebook’s Definition: Lifetime The number of people who have given negative feedback to your post. (Unique Users)“


Big Data

Your Laptop Can Now Deal with Big Data

‘The new software, called GraphChi, exploits the capacious hard drives that are becoming ever more common in personal computers. A graph would normally be stored in temporary memory (RAM) for analysis. With GraphChi, the hard drive performs this task instead’

Data Science


How Economists get Tripped up by Statistics – how raw numbers lead to more spectacular errors

But here’s the thing: when the economists were shown both the graph and the detailed numbers, the number of economists getting the answer spectacularly wrong — the number giving an answer of less than 10 — soared. Just working with their eyeballs, 3% of economists got it wrong. Working with the numbers as well, that proportion rose to 61%! And when a third group was given the numbers and no chart at all, fully 72% of them — professional economists all — got the answer badly wrong.




NoSQL: Not Only a Fairy Tale – Real life implementation in Ad-recommendation

‘Since we need to query external systems and we have a network roundtrip to our final response to the request, we only have little time processing the bids. We are speaking of ~25ms here to choose from hundreds of possible ads’




The rise of the Data Smuggler

“Two things changed my mind about why physically transporting data is interesting. A conversation with Sebastian Thrun (creator of Google Street View) that I had a few years back where he told me that Fedexing data is, and probably always will be, the highest bandwidth way of moving data around. That’s why Google uses Fedex to send hard drives from their Street View vans back to headquarters.”



Bamboo Charts




Can Pie Charts help you save more?




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