State of Technology #68

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Scaling Lessons at Dropbox – from 4,000 to 40,000,000 users


How to make https sites REALLY secure

‘Another mitigation is to use scheme-relative URLs everywhere possible. These URLs look like // and are valid in all browsers. They inherit the scheme of the parent page, which will be HTTP or HTTPS as needed.

Fundamentally this is such an easy mistake to make, and such a problem, that the only long term solution is for browsers to stop loading insecure Javascript, CSS and plugins for HTTPS sites. To their credit, IE9 does this and did it before Chrome. ‘


Weather App based on Dieter Rams’s 10 Principles of Design


‘On Mastery’ – How a Subway Sushi bar with ten seats could charge $600 a meal and win Three Michelin Stars


How to Retinafy your Website – Flowchart


Evolution of E-Commerce Checkout


2012 Worst Security SNAFUs, so far


Now Facebook Code Scans for Sexual Predators


For 237 years there has been no big innovation made for Flush Toilet. The stagnancy is taking its toll.


Lego Turing Machine that could compute


Parting Thought

‘A software architect is the code janitor. Happily sweeping up after the big party is over’  – Chris Epstein on ‘A Software Architect’


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