State of Data #110

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How would Usain Bolt vs. 1896 100m Gold Medalist run would look? Slate does a great visualization of ranking top athletes’ performance-on-a-page. Best thing about the visual is time axis is missing, giving it a clean one-dimensional look.



Analytics for Books


Big Data

Soccer’s Big Data Revolution

Starting next year, every MLS soccer kit will be fitted with a small chip from Adidas. Located between a player’s shoulder blades, the chip will transmit 200 data records a second from the player to a local information system. From there onward, the data can be transmitted to the coaches’ laptops or tablets to provide clear overviews of the physical and physiological situations of the players on the pitch. It is not far-fetched to imagine coaches viewing a Football Manager game-like interface which showcases individual players’ level of fatigue, concentration, etcetera, varying in real time.


Data Science

Spreadsheet Data Manipulation using Excel (Microsoft Research) – with really useful examples of formatting Phone Number, Date



Hard Parsing is Bad! ..But how Bad?’ shows why app developers should really care about coding best practices (in this case, binding variables)



Dark Side of Data

Jonas’s concept of “privacy by design” is an important attempt to address privacy issues in big data. Jonas envisions a day when “I have more privacy features than you” is a marketing advantage. It’s certainly a claim I’d like to see Facebook make.”



Accuracy vs. Precision in 72 seconds



A GE Data Visualization Project –Real-time Twitter Conversation on Breast Cancer





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