State of Technology #74




Rich JavaScript Applications– 7 Frameworks




How the new Facebook for iOS solved for speed


In iOS, the main thread drives the UI and handles touch events, so the more work we do on the main thread, the slower the app feels. Instead, we take care to perform computationally expensive tasks in the background. This means all our networking activity, JSON parsing, NSManagedObject creation, and saving to disk never touches the main thread.’




5 Design Tricks Facebook Uses to Affect Privacy Decisions




How Digital Mapping is Mapping Us?


Street View Trekker, a bulky backpack with several 15-megapixel cameras protruding on a stalk, so that operatives can capture “offroad” imagery from hiking trails, narrow alleyways or the forest floor.’




Breaking the Mobile Web– how to make fast mobile apps with the 4 device limitations –

1.      Battery

2.      Latency

3.      Memory

4.      Responsiveness




Cleaning Bad Code. Step 0: Is it worth doing?




Increasingly Companies areusing quirky HTTP Headers for Recruiting




60% of Amazon Reviews are Five Stars, andmany of them are purchased




An Entire Book Printed in DNA




Best Pareidolia Ever?





Parting Thought


‘Paying attention in a distracted world: it’s like bringing a gun to a knife fight.’ – James Shelley


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