State of Technology #78




20 Controversial Programming Opinions

Unit testing won’t help you write good code.

“The only reason to have Unit tests is to make sure that code that already works doesn’t break. Writing tests first, or writing code to the tests is ridiculous. If you write to the tests before the code, you won’t even know what the edge cases are. You could have code that passes the tests but still fails in unforeseen circumstances. And furthermore, good developers will keep cohesion low, which will make the addition of new code unlikely to cause problems with existing stuff.”





Revolutionary User Interfaces over past 2300 years – timeline built using Timeline.js 



Do not have time to read the massive “Steve Jobs” book? The author distilled everything in these 8 pages.



Taming the Mobile Beast
– from Velocity 2012




Octane – JavaScript Benchmark Suitewith real world code from Google




If you access data once or more every 5 minutes, cache it”. How does this rule survive 20 years after it was coined by Jim Gray?



Facebook now follows you offline?



Six Songs of Me



– could reduce eye-neck strain





parting thought


“Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.” – Why Power Corrupts (Lincoln)


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