State of Data #123

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Presenter’s Paradox – The ‘average’ mistake you do not know you’re making

“When buyers were presented with an iPod Touch package that contained either an iPod, cover, and one free song download, or just an iPod and cover, they were willing to pay an average of $177 for the package with the download, and $242 for the one without the download. So the addition of the low-value free song download brought down the perceived value of the package by a whopping $65!”



AWS Costs Cheat Sheet



Big Data

Princeville, OR has about 10,000 people, but hundreds of thousands servers. Why Oregon hosts the cloud


Data Science

What is the most optimal way to find a parking spot for lowest total walk-time vs. finding a space fastest



CAP theorem about to enter teenage years. How the rules have changed in 12 years.




Do machines get more confused with Lots of Data too?

“The winning algorithm was a very complex ensemble of many different approaches — so complex that it was never implemented by Netflix. With three years of effort by some of the world’s best data mining scientists, the average prediction of how a viewer would rate a film improved by less than 0.1 star.”



Implement SQL with Common Unix Utilities



How a viral photo spreads through Facebook





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