State of Technology #84





The Language of Ambigram


Have we stopped thinking big? Are we now just focused on incremental innovation? “We wanted flying cars—instead we got 140 characters


Every 24 hrs, more iPhones are sold than babies are born. A good take on Mobile performance


Most Dangerous Code in the World: Validating SSL Certs in non-browser Software


Azul C4: Understanding Java Garbage Collection and What You Can Do About It


Last 1 Million Tweet Map


Top Network Security Tools


Browser plug-in to strip ALL numbers from Facebook. Friendship is unburdened again!


Parting Thought

“..part of the popularity of Berkshire Hathaway is that we look like people who have found a trick. It’s not brilliance. It’s just avoiding stupidity.” – Charlie Munger

About Nilendu Misra
I love to learn, create and coach. Things that I do well are - Communicating ideas - verbally or through words and diagrams; Problem Solving - Logical or Abstract; Very Large Scale Systems; think about 'Frighteningly Simple' approach first. Things that I intend to do better are - Establishing Stringent Process; Exchanging Tough Feedback; Keeping up with my reading or To-Do list to be able to completely relax.

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