State of Technology #86


·        Lessons for 2013: from AirBnB to Zappos

·        Best inventions of 2012: Indoor Clouds and Rest

·        After Japan, 3D photo booth opens in Manhattan

·        Etsy is one of the finest run SaaS shops. Simple motto: “Track everything that moves in a graph”. Their October 2012 Site Performance Report is a gold standard.

·        Stanford class CS198 is transforming the valley (it mainly teaches “how to act like normal human beings”)



FlickR Web Uploader: 10,000 Photos in your Browser, fully Modular and Event-driven and “caches the hell out of everything”. Article Link.



Rosetta Code Measures Lines of Code to achieve same task in different languages



Definitive Guide to Form Based Authentication

Best practice: A short time delay that increases with the number of failed attempts, like:

·                  1 failed attempt = no delay

·                  2 failed attempts = 2 sec delay

·                  3 failed attempts = 4 sec delay

·                  4 failed attempts = 8 sec delay

·                  5 failed attempts = 16 sec delay



Jeff Bezos’school of Long-term thinking

At Amazon, senior executive meetings don’t start out with conference calls or PowerPoint presentations, they start out with reading. “



Mobile Trends in Five Charts




Why we are pivoting from Mobile-first to Web-first

Ads are the Internet’s tax on users who want free apps and websites. Unlike taxes, however, ad-based services target lower-income and lower-education audiences because that’s where they make all of their money”



50 Tricks for Faster Web Applications



TL;DR – News for Busy People



Webpagetest is available to run within private instance



Google Open Sources Linear Book Scanner. One core component is a Vacuum Cleaner.



·        Onion Copies TED, does much better!

·        First Book Ever Ordered on Amazon

Parting Thought

“Live in the future, then build what’s missing” – Paul Graham on Ideas for Startup