State of Technology #94





Engelbert’s Dilemma: Ease-of-Use vs. Efficiency





We naturally perceive scale logarithmically, but education imposes linear thinking.

“If kindergarten children are asked to point to the correct location for a spoken number word on a line segment labelled with endpoints 0 and 100, they place smaller numbers closer to 0 and larger numbers closer to 100, but they do not distribute numbers evenly….they place numbers in a compressed logarithmic mapping. They perceive numbers logarithmically.Fourth graders, however, map linearly rather than logarithmically. But if one asks an adult member of the Mundurucu – an Amazonian indigenous group with a reduced numerical lexicon and little formal education – to complete the same task, the logarithmic mapping occurs again.





##### “Is the Homepage dead?”

“…how much traffic was coming to major news sites “through the side door”—aka article pages. Less than half of visits to start on the homepage. More than half of Buzzfeed’s visitors come from search and social. And a mere 12 percent of visits to The Atlantic start with the homepage.”



Inside the GIF Industrial Complex

What started as an Internet trifle had become a marketable skill. Hypnotizing amidst a Web of distraction, the GIF has evolved from an obscure file format to an art movement to a pageview crutch. What was once a retro rebuke to the busy commercialization of the Web has in some ways become a part of it. The GIF renaissance was beautiful until it wasn’t” 



Native iOS to HTML5 Porting Tool



Service to track changes in Terms of Services



Buy things with a Tweet



Assignment: create a Youtube Hoax video that gets 100K hits. Result: 42 Million hits.Here’s how they did it.



FotoForensics– to check ‘degree of photo doctoring’ (they’re doing all cool stuff like identify a person’s shoe size from a photo)



Wadsworth Constant

URL parameter “&wadsworth=1” which can be added on to the end of a YouTube video URL to load the video at 30%.’



Parting Thought

“Visualization can surprise you, but it doesn’t scale well. Modeling scales well, but it can’t surprise you.” –Hadley Wickham


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