State of Technology #98





Superhero.js Every resource to build Large Javascript apps in one page



Ineffective Sorts (and it’s already been Github-ed)



**No to NoUI




Touch-Screen Generation

‘Touch technology follows the same logic as shaking a rattle or knocking down a pile of blocks: the child swipes, and something immediately happens. A “rattle on steroids,” is what Buckleitner calls it. “All of a sudden a finger could move a bus or smush an insect or turn into a big wet gloopy paintbrush.” To a toddler, this is less magic than intuition.



*** How the world has changed between 2005 and 2013 – in ONE photo off St. Peter’s Square



How a startup uses variety of SaaS tools to manage entire business



Mayor Bloomberg’s Data Squad and how they caught restaurants illegally dumping cooking oil in sewers, without ever leaving the building.



Themakermap ‘print’ a body part with help of someone near you



‘Coding in Browser’ and other Top Developer Requests for Firefox Devtools



Chrome Maze (best played with Phone or Tablet)



Parting Thought

”Deliberate strategy is goal-oriented. It asks, “What do we want to achieve?” Emergent strategy is means-oriented. It asks, “What is possible, with the means we have at our disposal?” – ‘Experimentation is the New Planning’; Fast Company



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