State of Technology #100





Unhosted: “Serverless” SaaS Doctrine




The Orange Algorithm Coke Uses

‘The Black Book model includes detailed data about the myriad flavors—more than 600 in all—that make up an orange, and consumer preferences. Those data are matched to a profile detailing acidity, sweetness, and other attributes of each batch of raw juice. The algorithm then tells Coke how to blend batches to replicate a certain taste and consistency, right down to pulp content.’



6 Innovative Dashboards Worth Learning Forand Dashing – ‘The exceptionally handsome dashboard framework’.




Where’s _Why? Or, a Cultural History of Ruby.

‘The Little Coder’s Predicament arises from the following problem: We live in world of astonishingly advanced technologies, easy to use and all around us. Your grandmother has a smartphone. Your 2-year-old can play with an iPad. But the technology behind such marvels is complex and invisible, abstracted away from the human controlling it.’



12 points are needed to uniquely identify a fingerprint. A new study published in Nature that  ONLY four ‘spatio-temporal points’ are needed to uniquely identify 95% individuals.




Top 7 Startups from YC 2013 Demo Day



How P&G Uses ‘Decision Cockpit’ for over 50,000 employee



Is Bitcoin Global Economy’s Last Safe Haven?



Create Powerful Demo in Chrome



Google Maps: Treasure Hunt Mode



Parting Thought

“If you only read the books that everyone else is reading, you can only think what everyone else is thinking.” —Haruki Murakami



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