State of Technology #104





What’s new in JMS 2.0? Part 1: Ease of Use; Part 2: New Messaging Features



Netflix Open Sources Zuul Edge Service




2500 miles, 10 cities; 50 Design Problems in 50 Days



Silicon Valley and ‘Changing the World’

When financiers say that they’re doing God’s work by providing cheap credit, and oilmen claim to be patriots who are making the country energy-independent, no one takes them too seriously—it’s a given that their motivation is profit. But when technology entrepreneurs describe their lofty goals there’s no smirk or wink. “Many see their social responsibility fulfilled by their businesses, not by social or political action,” one young entrepreneur said of his colleagues. “It’s remarkably convenient that they can achieve all their goals just by doing their start-up.” 



Data from WWDC – Apple has sent over 7.4 Trillion push notifications and others.



Antifragile System Design Principles



Future of Mobile Banking (Slides; Talk)



Teens share a LOT on social media sites. 1 in 5 teens share mobile phone number online. Yet, only about 9% of them are concerned about privacy issues.



Linux Performance Analysis & Tools



Dashlane: An advanced Password Manager



  •         Lego Faces are getting angrier
  •         Every Business Cliché in a Single Memo

Parting Thought

“Reality is the second screen. Mobile is the first.” – Bob Bowman @MLB


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