Friday Five #1

  1. Software Design Elegance – in 500 lines or less


“Every architect studies family homes, apartments, schools, and other common types of buildings during her training. Equally, every programmer ought to know how a compiler turns text into instructions, how a spreadsheet updates cells, and how a browser decides what to put where when it renders a page. This book’s goal is to give readers that broad-ranging overview, and while doing so, to help them understand how software designers think.”


  1. Visualizing Algorithms with Van Gogh



  1. Java 8 now allows ‘default’ method implementation in Interface. But it somehow managed to prevent multiple inheritance adding compile-time checks.
  2. Tweaking SQLLite to load 864,913 records in 16 seconds!!


  1. Brogrammers are changing programming culture.


About Nilendu Misra
I love to learn, create and coach. Things that I do well are - Communicating ideas - verbally or through words and diagrams; Problem Solving - Logical or Abstract; Very Large Scale Systems; think about 'Frighteningly Simple' approach first. Things that I intend to do better are - Establishing Stringent Process; Exchanging Tough Feedback; Keeping up with my reading or To-Do list to be able to completely relax.

2 Responses to Friday Five #1

  1. karin meyer says:

    Nice to see a post after such a long hiatus!

  2. Nilendu Misra says:

    Karin, Thanks! It was a tough year with our first baby boy and a job change 🙂 We should catch up sometime soon. -N

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