Friday Five #7

  1. Best Open Technology Content 2014 from DeveloperWorks – includes popular “Mastering MEAN” (Mongo-Express-Angular-Node) series
  2. Steve Jobs was a low-tech parent
  3. Security Reading List
  4. Visualizing GC Algorithms
  5. Deep Learning MIT Book in Progress

Friday Five #6


  1. A timeless collection of Tim Berners-Lee’s Architectural Viewpoints
  2. Anatomy of a Perfect Technical Interview from a former Amazon VP
  3. What ORMs have taught me: just learn SQL
  4. Reverse Engineering for Beginners – Free eBook
  5. Ontology of Filter Bubbles – “I Liked everything on Facebook for 2 days…”


Friday Five #5

  1. Arrogance Is Good: In Defense of Silicon Valley
  2. Ops School – Excellent Curriculum for a Great Career in Ops
  3. Collection of Technology Business Models
  4. “There is something wrong with Java …The biggest problem I’ve encountered over the years looking at Java code is that it always seems to be the product of someone who fancies themselves as an architect. They must, because so often I find I’m reading code that looks more like a plan for something that solves a problem, rather than something that actually solves a problem.”
  5. #tweetOfTheWeek “I think the problem with programming languages is that they tend to become popular before anyone has any experience using them.”


Friday Five #4

  1. #revisit Classic Development Process Mistakes (from CodingHorror Summary)
  2. The display that could get rid of Reading Glasses

  3. This Dad made spacecraft for the kids (including launch noise!)
  4. Second Edition of (Free!) Eloquent Javascript is out
  5. Diary of an Atom Bomb Technician




Friday Five #3

  1. How Recursion got into Programming – Comedy of Errors
  2. Myth of “Schema-less” – Interesting discussion sums it up as “schema-less doesn’t exist, it’s either in your database, or spread throughout the code”
  3. How the other half works : An adventure in the low Status of Software Engineers
  4. “A mathematician who can only generalise is like a monkey who can only climb up a tree, and a mathematician who can only specialise is like a monkey who can only climb down a tree” – Selected quotes from George Polya
  5. Know & Treat your biases 

Friday Five #2

  1. Soon, about 5% of Global energy demand will be from ‘networked devices’ waiting to be connected (e.g., cell phone lying idle)!
  2. Microsoft is The Very Antithesis of Strategy.
  3. #Java8 – ORM is dead, long live Functional-Relational Transformation – more intuitive, less annotations.
  4. Everyday Algorithms: Elevator Allocation
  5. World Cup Moments as 8-bit art

Friday Five #1

  1. Software Design Elegance – in 500 lines or less


“Every architect studies family homes, apartments, schools, and other common types of buildings during her training. Equally, every programmer ought to know how a compiler turns text into instructions, how a spreadsheet updates cells, and how a browser decides what to put where when it renders a page. This book’s goal is to give readers that broad-ranging overview, and while doing so, to help them understand how software designers think.”


  1. Visualizing Algorithms with Van Gogh



  1. Java 8 now allows ‘default’ method implementation in Interface. But it somehow managed to prevent multiple inheritance adding compile-time checks.
  2. Tweaking SQLLite to load 864,913 records in 16 seconds!!


  1. Brogrammers are changing programming culture.