State of Data #68

#analysisHow negative reviews could increase Sales Online (full 30 min video from recently concluded Strata Jumpstart can be watched here) 

One reason is that buyers gain confidence that “if this is the worst this product will throw at me, it must be pretty good.”

#architectureAnalyzing Web Server logs with LogParserwith Charting Option #ReallyUseful


#big_dataData flowing through Mobile devices now outpaces Broadband traffic, and 8 other very intriguing data points

#Data_ScienceWhy and How to Hire Data Scientist – Cathy O’Neal explains – ‘the skills of a data scientist include not only crunching numbers, but also visualizing the results‘- with real-life examples. 

#DBMSMauve should work with noSQL too #Time2Rewrite



 #idea Should ‘Best Practices’ be renamed ‘Default Practices’? James Morle – a key storage expert – ruminates. 

‘It’s time to stop using Best Practice as a substitute for good old-fashioned thinking, and start to implement designs based upon Right Practice: The ‘Right’ Practice for your particular situation.

#learningHow to account for ‘leap seconds’ in thousands of servers in massively distributed environment


#visualizationMaking ‘Motion Chart’ was never easier – with googleVis R package and code example 



  • Data Park- IBM launches Parking Analytics in San Francisco – “30 percent of city congestion stems from motorists looking for parking spaces
  • Facebook stores data including who “poked” you ever, every message you deleted, your religious views and about 800 pages full of other stuff. Many European users can ask Facebook for a CD with their full data. And,they’re doing it. #Privacy
  • Death Curve  #DataViz (Hat tip: Dylan Lewis)
  • Twitter data shows anger/happiness/sorrow/frustration transcends cultural boundaries – ‘mood’ depends on ‘circadian cycle’



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